Usefulness of Pregnancy Yoga in the Third Trimester: Postures and Contradictions

Usefulness of pregnancy yoga in the third trimester: postures and contradictions

The last trimester of pregnancy is time when a woman feels unwieldy and very heavy. Many of them feel shortness of breath, constipation. Additionally, the desire to eat something tasty takes on a cosmic scale. Therefore, in order to solve all these problems many women choose yoga as the most suitable way of workout for pregnant.


In the third trimester, you can continue yoga or start cautiously. In both cases, it is important to understand the body’s requirements and follow them obediently.

What you need to know?

Pregnancy yoga during third trimesterYoga for pregnant women is useful and fun, but you need to be engaged under the direction of a qualified professional. His task is to take into account all the peculiarities of pregnancy and create a program that will contribute to the removal of physical and emotional ailments, as well as the conservation of attractive body shape.

Third trimester is a time when the size of the fetus is already significant and it becomes very difficult to perform simple physical exercises. Yoga exercises for pregnancy in the third trimester focus on the hands, chest and thighs. You should avoid big load on the lower back.

You can do exercises, relaxing your spine and shoot some load from the spine. Gynecologists and sports instructors yield believe that fit ball exercises promote relaxation of some muscles and trains others.

May be you will be interested in the article “Pregnancy yoga ball”, where you can find the detailed information about this useful equipment.

Warning! Remember that exercise can cause unwanted tone of the uterus in the last trimester of pregnancy, so as soon as you feel pain and increased heart rate – stop the exercise.

Constructing the yoga workout

Pregnancy yoga postures for third trimesterIn the third trimester, you need to select the asana very carefully, in order not to harm the child. Since your belly is already big enough it becomes very difficult to do some exercise. It is not recommended to do the following postures:

  • standing on feet;
  • pressure on the abdomen;
  • with strong turns to the side and leaned forward.

Nevertheless, some of the exercises can be performed using different pillows, rollers and it is allowed to perform the asana with emphasis on the wall.

It is important to learn how to manage the blood circulation. So, Asana Madzhariasana enhances fluid circulation inside the bones. This means that it has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system.

Mula bandha, Ashwini are exercises for the pelvic floor, without any danger to the unborn baby. They train the muscles through which the child starts at birth.

There are cases when the mother gave birth to within no longer than two hours. In other words, frequent and productive workout affects the great the benefit during the delivery.

Asana during the third trimester

In this part we will provide detailed instructions about useful yoga exercises during third trimester pregnancy.

“Baby” posture

Standing on your hands and legs, slide the folded blanket roll, placing it in front of your face. Put your knees on the side, creating enough space for your belly. Lower your buttocks, pressing them to the soles of your feet and stretching the lower part of spine. Bend the elbows and lower the forearm. If it will be more convenient, pull the hands forward on the blanket.
“Baby” posture
Lay down by your forehead on the edge of the blanket so that you can easily breathe. Relax your neck, shoulders, torso, abdomen, lower back and buttocks, and do five to ten breaths in this position.

Focus your mind on your child – imagine how your breath spread around him. To exit the pose baby, put your hands on the shoulders and lift your head and torso. Then take a vertical position.

Cat’s pose

Get the same position as in the previous exercise. Put your knees so that you feel comfortable to lean on them. Place the palms of your hands at the level of your shoulders, fingers should be wide. Your head and neck should be relaxed.

Start tucking the buttocks down to feel the tension in the lower back. Gently lean your palms on the floor and starting from the coccyx, vertebra-by-vertebra round back toward the ceiling, holding your chin to the chest. Breathe deeply. Then slowly lower your body back, aligning your head to the spine.
Cat’s pose
Now relax your belly and at the same time, start to draw your buttocks toward the ceiling forming a slight arch in the lower back. Gently lift up the neck and head, as if looking at the man who stands before you.

Imagine that you are sending your breath down the spine. Continue to alternately perform both part of the exercise.


Kneel, connecting them together and lower the hips to the floor between the legs. Your feet should be directed to the ceiling. Put your hands on your knees, palms are down.
Point the belly and sides of the chest up, expanding the chest. Look straight ahead. Breathe evenly.

Stay in this position for one minute. The body should not lean forward. Put your hands on the floor, lift your pelvis again kneel and then straighten your legs.

Utthita Trikonasana with a chair

Stand facing the chair seat and lunged back with your left leg. Expand the left foot perpendicular to the left and the right one – slightly to the left. Turn your body to the left stretch your arms to the sides. On the exhale, bend to the right, putting your right hand on a chair.
Utthita Trikonasana with a chair
The left hand put on the belt. Hold the position for 30 seconds, breathing evenly. On the inhale tighten your left hand and stand up, turn to the chair, put your foot together and repeat to the other side.

What is better to avoid during the workout?

Benefits from pregnancy yoga during third trimesterAvoid yoga postures for pregnancy in third trimester, which include strong stomach twists as they compress the internal organs, including the uterus. Twisting can be performed, but in soft and gentle way, starting from your shoulders.

The stomach should not be twisted. You can perform special pregnancy yoga poses for third trimester with coups, they are not dangerous to the fetus, but there is a downside risk, so be careful and perform it only under the attention of your instructor.

In addition, a large stomach upsets the usual sense of balance. It is better to perform exercises, leaning on the wall.

Video class

In this video you will find other useful and safety postures for pregnancy yoga during 3rd trimester:


Contraindications to pregnancy yoga in 3rd trimester of pregnancy can be a number of diseases or pathologies that you had in the early stages. You should be very careful as serious overload can trigger labor. In addition, of course, if you are experiencing bleeding, uterine tone, preeclampsia yoga for pregnant women in the third trimester is not recommended.


This article covered the main aspects of yoga workout during the last trimester. We see that on the last months of pregnancy beneficial exercises are the ones directed to strengthening the spine and breathing. It is necessary to exclude all inverted postures, asana lying on the back, sharp turns and slopes.

Usefull facts about pregnancy yoga during third trimesterAdditionally, you should also remember about the contraindications for any physical workout. If you have them, do not hesitate to consult with your trainer and stop the exercises. Standing exercises should be in the minimum amount in order not to increase the burden on the legs. You can use stretching exercises to better prepare your body for childbirth.

Yoga third trimester should promote calm, relaxation and normalization of sleep and psychological readiness for the upcoming childbirth. The most important thing for the mother at any stage is that she enjoys the classes as the discomfort and bad mood may negatively affect the future baby.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind to control your mood, breathe and emotions. In this case, yoga can help to better concentrate on your child and forget about the worries connected with coming delivery and better to prepare to become a mother.

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