Fundamental Elements of Kundalini Yoga for Pregnancy

Fundamental elements of Kundalini yoga for pregnancy

Yoga kundalini is yoga which is based on breathing techniques. The aim of yoga kundalini is finding powerful kundalini energy which is deep inside of each person. Yogis believe that a couple-minute practice every day will be enough to find balance and harmony in life.

Unlike any other types of yoga, yoga kundalini doesn’t use classic asanas. But despite that, yoga kundalini helps to reach effects faster comparing with other yogas.


What is Kundalini yoga?

Yoga kundalini is based on kriyas (a complex of physical and breathing exercises and meditations which are accompanied by mantras). Kriya practicing takes certain time. It is believed that significant kundalini yoga effect can be reached after 4 months of continuous practice.

What is Kundalini yoga?Moreover, big range of kundalini exercises gives the opportunity to choose kriyas personally. Here are some mantras for love, wealth, health and others as well.

However, an important point should be mentioned. If you choose any special kundalini complex, you shouldn’t leave out exercises from it (otherwise needed effect will be lost).

Here another problem appears: yoga kundalini takes a lot of time and should be done every day. There are some kriyas that you will not be able to do without practice, immediately.

More than that, yoga kundalini can be harmful for those who have psychic lability. During breathing exercise practice it is very likely to get deep-seated disease exacerbation, epilepsy for example. That’s why yoga kundalini should be started with experienced guru.

Workout routine during pregnancy

Now let’s discuss the connection between kundalini yoga and pregnancy. Generally a woman can practice kundalini until she reaches 120 days of pregnancy (if she doesn’t have any complications). There is a number of specific exercises, which pregnant woman should avoid after 120 days of pregnancy.

Advice! Before starting it is always needed to get professional advice.

Here are some exercises from Kundalini yoga for pregnancy which are suitable for everyday practice. They will make you ready for labor and help you to stay healthy and relaxed.

While doing yoga kundalini try to realize everything happening with you and your body. Here are some rules which will help you:

    kundalini yoga trainings during pregnancy

  • you should know what kind of exercise you are doing;
  • concentrate on your “third eye” if there are no other instructions;
  • keep your attention inside of your body. Feel the stretching and movement that your body experiences;
  • deeply inhale and start rhythmic breathing while exercising;
  • deeply inhale and concentrate on your “third eye”. Hold your breathing-in for 2 seconds. Exhale. Repeat deep inhale and exhale 1-2 times;
  • each exercise should be done 40 times every day. When you get masters, increase time, but never lead yourself to exhaustion.

There are some exercises that could be used during prenancy period.

Butterfly (sexual nerve stretching)

Sit on a flat surface, bend your knees, place feet closer to pelvis and with your hands under feet connect them. Move your hips so that your knees will be closer to the floor.

Keep your back straight as much as you can. Don’t flex your stomach. Stay in this position for 30-60 seconds.
Butterfly (sexual nerve stretching)
Leave your feet and stretch your legs forward. It is important to breathe smoothly. This exercise relaxes sexual nerve.

Life nerve stretching

Sit on a flat surface and stretch your left leg. Bend your right leg and place your right foot on internal side of left hip.

Grab you right big toe and push a nail on it (that stimulates hypophysis). Inhale and lift your body up. Exhale and move your body forward. Do not place your elbow on the floor.
Life nerve stretching
Change your legs and repeat exercise. Spend 1-3 minutes for each leg. Life nerve stretching works for your legs and back elasticity and prevents uncleared bowels and bloats.


Stand in a four standing position, lift your head and left leg up. Try to keep your pelvis parallel to the floor. Avoid twisting.
Exhaling lower your chin on your breast, move your left knee to the breast. Keep doing for 1 minute. Relax and change your legs.


Spread your legs to sides, bend your knees and hunker. Your feet should be on the ground – that helps to relax. At the beginning you may feel that you need a wall behind your back for balance.
Keep your head relaxed. This is a basic position for labor process preparation. This exercise enhances blood circulation in pelvis area and stretches pelvis muscles.

Attention! If your cervix is smooth do not practice this exercise! That may cause preterm birth.

Pelvis bent

Lie on the left side of your body and keep your left leg straight. Bend your right knee, point the knee to the floor and place right ankle on the left leg.

Bend your left hand under the head (or you can put your head on a pillow). Place your right hand on the waist. Feel the movement of your spine.
Pelvis bent
Inhaling arch your stomach forward and tailbone back. Exhaling move your pelvis forward. Make these movements slowly. This is one of the best exercises if you have problems with sciatic nerve.

Making contact

Sit the way you feel yourself comfortable. Put your hands on your belly. With smooth and slow breathing try to make a contact with your baby.
Making contact
Send all soft words of your heart to your baby. Surround it with your love. Realize and feel what happens.


Relax. After 5 months it is not recommended to lie on your back: in this pose your belly pushes main blood vessels. It is better to lie on left side of your body.

Video tutorial

This video demonstrates Kundalini yoga for conscious pregnancy:

Practices which are not recommended during pregnancy

Is Kundalini Yoga safe during pregnancy? Overall, it is safe enough but there are several exercises that shouldn’t be done after 1 trimester and in case of having health problems:

  • balasana (child’s pose) shouldn’t be practiced after 5th month;
  • after 36 weeks avoid life nerve stretching which is connected with standing;
  • no stomach pressing should be experienced;
  • Contradictions of Kundalini yoga for pregnant ladies

  • don’t do stimulative exercises and pranayamas (your pulse shouldn’t be more than 140 beats per minute);
  • fire breathe is forbidden;
  • maha bandha, uddiyana bandha (diaphragm lock), muladhara (muscle loading of anus, genitals and navel);
  • no leg lifting (except for exercises when you are lying on a side of your body)
  • inversions;
  • sat kriya;
  • after 6 months avoid lying on your back as your belly gets bigger than usually. The best position is lying on left side of your body. Stress and hard trainings are not recommended as well;
  • no cold shower after 7 months;
  • venus kriyas;
  • breath holding after exhaling;
  • exercises for detoxication.

Yoga kundalini has wide range of contraindications. This type of yoga is forbidden for those who have physical problems, which were caused by chronic diseases, post-procedure recovery or any surgical treatment.

Kundalini should be avoided if a person has mental disorder, depression, neurosis or epilepsy. Those, who have any kind of heart diseases, tachycardia, or arrhythmia, shouldn’t do kundalini as well.

Here are also some temporary limitations. These are: hard physical work, high temperature, medication intake, body overheating or low body temperature, periods and muscles overloading.

There are some extra recommendations for doing yoga kundalini. Don’t eat two hours before yoga and 30 minutes after. After practice don’t take a shower for one hour.

If you want to go to sauna, you should wait for 3-4 hours. Two hours before yoga drink 1 liter of water. And, of course, don’t forget to take it for your classes.

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