How to chose the Best yoga for pregnancy or which yoga suits the most in this period?

Best yoga for pregnancy: which yoga suits the most?Today there is a wide range of different childbirth classes, but many women prefer yoga because it helps to get ready for labor both physically and mentally. Doing yoga during pregnancy helps to avoid perineal tear and postnatal depression.

For a future child inversion yoga poses are useful: they help fetus to find better position. This article was created specially for pregnant ladies in order to help them to chose yoga activities, which are suitable for them.


Variations of yoga

There is a wide range of training classes and magazines on yoga. Usually first-timers have no idea how to choose the right yoga type which suits them perfectly.

Meanwhile there are yoga kundalini, hatha, ashtanga, etc. Yoga division means that different type of yoga specifies on different type of practice.

According to the information that is presented below you will have a chance to chose the best yoga for pregnancy which is the most suitable for your needs.


Yoga nidra is a mental dream which is often called “yogic sleep”. This type of yoga is the way to relax by reaching the state of consciousness between sleeping and waking.

Yoga Nidra for pregnancyYoga nidra is a part of pratyahara (withdrawal your consciousness from physical world). So, in this type of yoga your eyesight and hearing gets distracted from the real world until all physical feelings do not disappear.

Yoga nidra is one of the most effective ways to get relaxed in short period of time. Moreover, one hour of yoga nidra is equal to 4 hours of regular sleeping. If you have decided to start doing yoga nidra for pregnancy, 4-5 months will be enough to get rid of extra tension and get ready for future labor.

Relaxation practice will help to make labor process faster and easier. 30-40 minutes 1-2 times a week will be enough to reach the effect which is needed.


Yoga hatha is focused on working with your body. It is believed that this type of yoga is the most suitable for beginners. Yoga hatha is recommended for pregnant women as it lowers pains and has positive effect during gestation stages.


Kundalini yogaYoga kundalini is a practice of energy awakening. This energy is called kundalini and is believed to be the base of birth and growth of people and world.

Yoga kundalini appeared thousands years ago and consists of mixture of meditation and mantra (commonly repeated word or phrase), pranayama (an in-depth science for expanding and channeling the life force, prana) and dynamic and static exercises. Yoga kundalini consists of techniques which are easy to be done by any person.


Yoga ashtanga is a dynamic type of yoga which is connected with active breathing. For instance, Madonna and Tom Cruise prefer yoga ashtanga, .

Beginners and pregnant are not recommended doing ashtanga as good physical strength will be needed.


Iyengar yoga is a static type of yoga which can be done by unprepared new yogis. A lot attention is paid to the right performance of asana (any of the postures in yoga exercise).


Bikram yogaBikram Yoga, which is also known as saina yoga, uses heating for detoxication and losing weight. If you decide to start doing this type of yoga, you should be ready for dynamic practice in terms of high temperature.

Yoga bikram is one of modern yoga styles which connects dynamics and statics, relaxation and concentration, balance and breathing techniques. But if you have never done yoga bikram before, practicing during your pregnancy is not the best idea. If you have tried it for at least 6 months before pregnancy, you can keep doing it using special complex of exercises for pregnant.

Advice! Start practicing only after learning poses and getting teacher consultancy.If you don’t have any problems and you have discussed all the details with your doctor, you can keep doing yoga until labor.


Power yogaPower yoga exists for those who enjoy hard muscle loading and do not afraid of difficulties while practicing. This type of yoga is perfect for sportsmen who are doing martial arts, athletics, surfing, running and for those who are already physically fit.

Power yoga is suitable for almost everyone but is not widely recommended for pregnant. This type of yoga is too active for pregnant women so before starting doing it you should get professional consultancy first.


There is another type of yoga which is called tantra yoga. This type of yoga is recommended for those who want to accept their body in a right way, set inner potential free, learn relaxation techniques and get rid of sexual complexes.


Aqua yogaAqua yoga is yoga which is adapted for exercising in water. This type of yoga appeared a couple of years ago in Great Britain, and today is one of the most popular in Europe.

Aqua yoga consists of exercises which have the same effect like other ones made out of water. The point is that water lowers muscle loading making their stretching and strengthening more safe and effective.

Medical water effect combined with relaxation create perfect base for mother and her future child. Thus, aqua yoga is a good choice pregnancy period.

How to choose?

Which yoga is best in pregnancy? There is no specific answer on this question, since each person has his own preferences.

How to chose pregnancy yoga?If you like movement, you should stop your choice on dynamic yoga. For example, this can be yoga ashtanga or kriya which are based on quick change of asanas.

If you like exercising in a slowly way, you can choose more static types of yoga: hatha or yoga iyengar. Here you will spend time with calm and deep asanas.

Don’t forget that yoga hatha is a mixture of styles. So practicing can be both dynamic and static.

If you prefer relaxing to movement, you should choose yoga nidra. It would be also a good idea to learn pranayama.

Yoga kundalini will help you to unlock your internal energy and gain strength. Some people prefer group practicing and meditation. In this case you can choose hatha, kundalini or tantra yogas.

Why you should start trainings?

Many doctors admit that women, who are doing yoga during pregnancy, have better physical health and are more positive. Their bodies are more flexible and ready to pose in a comfortable way. While practicing asanas future mothers get rid of different pains caused by pregnancy and lower labor pain.

Yoga is a complex of exercises for stretching, body detoxification, relaxation and right breathing. The point of yoga exercises is to learn how to find comfort in unusual or uncomfortable situation (both physical and psychological).

Moreover, yoga strengthens body and spirit.

When you should start?

In India many women start doing yoga only after getting pregnant. They start taking special courses where they get lower muscle loading unlike those who practice for a long time. There are also many women who prefer doing some exercises at home not visiting special classes.

When you should start practicing yoga?They learn these exercises from their mothers and grandmothers. Future mothers of India have no doubt that they need this practice as special physical and mental planning before labor, because it is a centuries tradition.

What yoga can you do when pregnant? Coaches say that you can do any type of yoga if you want, according to doctor recommendations.

In addition, yoga instructors believe that woman can start doing yoga during any pregnancy period. In this case they bring the example of women who started practicing 2-3 weeks before labor and succeeded in learning something. If you have decided to start yoga and you are pregnant, there are two factors that should be taken into account:

  • your duration of pregnancy;
  • your physical training level.
If you have practiced yoga before, it would be a good idea to start visiting yoga classes for pregnant. Yoga instructor of this group should have special certificate on being qualified to work with future mothers.


Of course, classes program for pregnant is made according to their special life period. Yoga exercises are focused on body strengthening, working with back and joints which have higher loading due to carrying a child.

Pros of pregnancy yogaStatic positions encourage better blood circulation in pelvic area, strengthen back and muscles which are involved in childbirth process. All asanas should be done slowly and smoothly: without sudden and quick movements.

For a future child inversion poses are useful: they help to find your fetus better position. Stretching exercises will make muscles more elastic. This will help to avoid perineum injuries that may appear during labor.

It is also necessary to practice breathing exercises. They will bring needed oxygen to mother and child, and will be useful during labor: breething will lower pains, help to avoid pure labor activity and child’s hypoxia. Those, who have practiced yoga during pregnancy, assume that it helped to reduce morning sickness.

One of the most important moments of yoga practicing is avoiding mood change and making future mother more confident: because basic principle of yoga is finding balance between body and conscience.


If you haven’t done yoga before, don’t force yourself immediately. Your loading should be increased step by step and very slowly.

Attention! If you are doing asana and felling discomfort or pain, stop immediately. If you are doing exercises in a right way, they will never cause pain, sickness or lightheadedness.

Asanas which are connected with lying on the stomach are contraindicated. Those, where you have to flex your abdominal wall, shouldn’t be done as well. If you are doing balance training exercises, use chair or wall for safety.

During some complications of pregnancy any kind of physical exercises may be forbidden. That’s why before starting doing yoga you have to get doctor’s consultancy. So, as you can see there is no certain answer on the question: “What type of yoga is best for pregnancy?”, because everything depends on your health conditions.

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