Stretch Marks During Pregnancy – How To Avoid And Can You Prevent The Appearance of Piquant “Tiger Stripes”?

Pregnancy is a particular period in a woman`s life when expectant needs much care and attention. Mother-to-be faces to some changes that touch both emotional background and appearance.

Some of them are rather easily accepted; others become the cause of depressed mood and even psychological complexes. For example, pregnant women often worry about stretch marks or striae.


What are stretch marks and why do they appear?

What are stretch marks and why do they appear?The characteristic visible reddish or purple strips on the skin are a form of scarring caused by tearing of the dermis layer. With the time the lines have the tendency to whiten.

Belly stretch marks after pregnancy often appear in the last trimester of childbearing and connected with quick growth of the baby inside the mother`s body.

The main cause ause of stretch marks in pregnancy is that women suffer from hormonal imbalance: violation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin takes place. So, the dermis changes its properties and becomes thinner.Under the pressure of the fetus the skin is stretching, collagen fibers are ruptured and, as a result, lesions are formed.

The striae are usually located on the belly zone, but also occur on the breasts, hips, thighs, buttocks and lower back. These lines diminish with time, but unfortunately they don`t absolutely disappear.

They don`t make any harm to expectant`s health and can be considered as a cosmetic defect – a peculiar “side effect” of pregnancy. The predisposition to striae is an individual thing, in most cases it is genetically caused.

Rapid gaining weight and xeroderma in their turn increase the risk of getting stretch marks.

Do stretch marks go away after pregnancy? There is no certain answer on this question, everything is depends on elasticity of your skin.

But, for sure as a rule if they didn’t disappear, after childbirth most women look for possible ways to get rid of these annoying skin marks.

So, lets’ turn to the most important question: “Can you avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?”.

Prophylaxis is easier than treatment

Can you prevent stretch marks during pregnancy? It is better to think about prevention of stretch marks before you become pregnant – take care of your skin and maintain its elasticity. The effective variant is to begin prophylaxis of striae six months before the expected conceiving. There are the best prevention for stretch marks during pregnancy:

  • Control your weight and avoid of high-caloried food – hamburgers, pastry, fried potatoes, chocolates and other fatty products. According to the statistics, weight loss reduces the possibility of skin stretching, so try to lose weight (but within reasonable bonds!).
  • Keep in mind, that during pregnancy for your organism baby`s normal development is a priority. Whereas most of necessary elements and nutrients are used for the fetus and your skin suffers from the lack of vitamins and minerals loosing silkiness, elasticity and beauty.That is why woman should saturate her system with useful substances in advance.Enjoy proper, well-balanced nutrition and say “no” to exhausting diets.Choose products which include great amount of vitamins A (carrot, pumpkin), E (sunflower oil, nuts) B(egg-plants, greens), D (seafood, milk,eggs). If you want to lose weight and be slimmer, just pay attention to physical activity – go to gym or to swimming pool.

Prophylaxis is easier than treatmentThe best way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy is to make your skin more elastic through taking daily contrast showers.

It will improve the blood circulation and make collagen fiber stronger and as a result bad pregnancy stretch marks will disappear. According to doctors research after pregnancy stretch marks can become more noticeable, so it is better to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy naturally through doing sport activities such as swimming.

One more best way to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy was recommended by beauty therapists: through doing body wraps – such relaxing and revitalising procedures tighten skin, make it smooth and velvety, eliminate toxins.

There is no doubt that the best remedy for stretch marks during pregnancy are use moisturizing creams rich in minerals, amino acids, herbal or fruit extracts.

The most important rule of resultative skin care – make cosmetic procedures regularly, but not from case to case.

How to remove stretchmarks?

Can you get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy? Yes, but treatment of stretch marks is a rather difficult process, but if you begin to get rid of unwished lines in the early stages, you`ll have greater chances of a favorable prognosis. Women who have striae need a medical examination and doctor`s consultation.

Specialist will define the reasons of stretch marks, assess the state of your skin and prescribe individual treatment. Methods of modern cosmetology vary – from mesotherapy (special course of injections) to laser skin resurfacing.

Reconstructive procedures are especially effective in combination with the use of professional cosmetics (for example, iS CLINICAL). The line “iS CLINICAL” offers good moisturizing cream (Body Complex) and Super Serum Advance – cosmetical remedy which minimizes scar tissue. More information about cosmetics for mothers-to-be you can read here.

If you prefer ethnomedicine, there is a great choice of homemade time-tested recipes which help to make strip-scars less noticeable. All you need for them – some affordable natural products and a little of free time.

Here we offer simple and best solutions for stretch marks after pregnancy:

Castor oil – delicate, beneficial, cheap!

  1. Apply some castor oil to the zones of stretch marks and gently massage them in circular motions for five to ten minutes.
  2. After that wrap the area with a piece of thin, cotton cloth. Using a hot water bottle, apply some heat to the affected area for at least a half an hour.
  3. Repeat this procedure every day for one month – then you`ll have positive pleasant results.

Lemon juice – fruity sourness for beautiful skin It can be the best cure for stretch marks after and during pregnancy.

  1. Lemon juice is often used to reduce stretch marks for its healing and whitening properties. Just rub fresh juice onto the area of striae in circular gentle motions. Let the remedy soak into “problematic zones”of your skin for ten minutes, then rinse it with warm water.
  2. Another efficient variant is to make a mixture of cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal proportions. Then use this cosmetic lotion daily as it was described above. The duration of this course is 1 month.

Useful video

This video will demonstrate the best ways to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy:


In conclusion we`ll emphasize that stretch marks are widespread problem from which no one is immune. But they are such a minor thing against the background of happiness of motherhood!

How to remove unsightly stretch marks?

Even many celebrities post pictures of their “tiger stripes”, to show the world what they look like after childbearing.

Jessica Alba, Alyssa Milano, Chrissy Teigen and Tyra Banks – all these beautiful and charismatic stars found are not ashamed of stretch marks – they are proud of their bodies full of real feminine charm.

Why don`t you take an example from popular actresses and singers? Remember, that perfectionism sometimes diminishes your life`s joy – so try to accept and love your appearance.

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    I gained a lot of weight in my first pregnancy and got stretch marks on my sides and legs but my second pregnancy, I used dermelastic serum and got no new stretch marks. It could have been because I didn’t gain 80 pounds like I did the first pregnancy, but either way, I didn’t get any additional stretch marks… therefore I am buying dermelastic again with my third baby.

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